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Book of the Month

"Sensible Shoes"


Mission Statement
Believing there is great value in reading, viewing and listening to Christian materials for the enhancement of our Christian walk, the library ministry provides resources to support everyone walking in the door and also the seven core value ministries within the church.

Equip, Edify, Encourage

Resources Available
The library at First Christian Church has over 2800 items for adult and youth reading including books on Bible History, Commentary, Prayer, Christian Living, Christian Education and Missions, as well as Christian Fiction and Biographies. Books on Church History, Church Administration and selected books on World History and Cultures are available. The selection of Audio-Visual materials is growing and includes DVD’s of uplifting family films, Documentaries on a variety of Christian subjects and Audio books. An extensive collection of Bible studies for personal and group use are housed in the library. A subject file holds pamphlets, maps and assorted clippings.

A growing Children’s Library currently houses nearly 300 books. Books in the Children’s Library include Bible Stories, as well as stories of God’s creation and God’s people around the world.Christmas and Easter selections are available as well as books about Prayer and Music. Fiction includes picture books and chapter books which show, by example, how to live a Christ centered life. Many books in the Children's Library may be of interest to youth and adults as well.

Library Hours and Location
Our library is a self-help library and is open whenever the church is open.
The main library is located in the hallway by the north parking lot entrance.
The children’s library is located downstairs between rooms 110 and 112.
Youth books are located in the youth lounge room 310.

Library Procedure
Make your selection by browsing the shelves or looking up a book in the "Title, Author, Subject Notebook" located on the front counter of the library. Books are arranged on the shelves by subject, such as Bible History, Christian Living, Fiction, etc. Within each subject, the books are arranged using the Dewey Decimal System.

After making a selection, write your name on the card in the back of the book and place it in the card box found on the front counter of the library. If you are not a member, please include your telephone number.

Please remember to return books as soon as you are finished with them. A suggested length of time is three weeks. Place the books near the check out box or in the return book slot on the wall across from the library door.

If you have trouble finding a book, you may look in the blue "Title, Author, Subject Notebook" found on the front counter near the card box. Look up a book by title, author or subject and the call number will be listed for that book. The call number includes the subject such as Prayer, Christian Living (ChrLiv), Biography (Biog) etc. Then the Dewey Decimal Number is listed followed by the first three letters of the author's last name. So if you are looking for "His Needs Her Needs" by Willard Harley you would find the call number is ChrLiv306.8 HAR. To find the book you would go to the Christian Living section and follow the Dewey Numbers to 306.8 and then look for HAR.

The library staff welcomes donation of pre-owned materials. Donated items must meet the standards set by the library committee. Items which cannot be accepted will be given to the annual CWF Book Sale unless requested to be returned to the donor.

Money donations are always welcome for the purchase of new books and items needed for library maintenance. (If you wish to purchase a specific book for the library, please check with the librarian first to verify that it meets the standards of the library and that it is not already in our collection.)

Volunteer Opportunities
There are many opportunities for volunteer help in the library. Some of the jobs include:
Semi-annual Inventory and Weeding of the Books
Writing book reviews
Hosting a book club
Preparing bulletin boards and displays
Preparing promotional materials for the library
Assembling Book Bags for children’s special needs
(For a complete list of volunteer opportunities in the library, contact Librarian Betty)