Our Story

The same year that Oregon’s Territorial Capitol moved back to Salem from Corvallis - 1855 - the roots of the First Christian Church were officially planted in Salem.  In 1852, pioneer preachers Alexander McCarty and John Rigdon began holding services in the Court House.  The church moved from the Court House to the Masonic Hall and then to the Little Central School (an area now occupied by the Macy's parking garage).  The first church was built in 1867 at the corner of High and Center Streets and was referred to as the Little Brick Church.  The Little Brick church became the foundation of “the frame Church”.  The current structure on the corner of Marion and Cottage Street was dedicated on June 17, 1951.  In it’s long history, Salem First Christian Church has been a valuable part of the downtown area.  In addition to it’s own services and programs, it has been a meeting place for a wide variety of community meetings and support groups.